Fast Data Speeds

EE SIM contracts benefit from access to the fastest mobile network in the UK. EE have won many awards for coverage and speeds so if you're a data-hog be sure to apply!

Big Data Bundles

Want more data to play your favourite mobile game or reply to a never-ending stream of emails? A SIM contract from EE could be the affordable answer! Get up to 40GB for just £44.99 pm and get Unlimited Calls too!

Affordable Prices

If you just want to save every month on your mobile bil then there are some smaller data plan SIMs that could be right for you. These affordable SIM contracts are a great solution!

  • Keep Your Number
  • Picking a Plan
  • Multi SIM

Keep your current Mobile Number

Keeping your mobile number with EE is simple! whether you're with EE currently or are switching to SIM only there's a simple way to save yourself the hassle of switching numbers.

You just need to call your network for a PAC code and then give EE a call or visit an EE store and give them your code to move your number to your new contract. If you’re moving to EE from T-Mobile or Orange, your number will stay the same.

Pick Your Data Plan

Knowing how much data you need on a month-by-month basis can be a tricky part of switching to SIM Only. With Unlimited SMS and a large number of calls added to each plan the decision is made a little easier however!

A good rule of thumb is if you will just use your SIM data for social media and browsing the web a plan of up-to 4GB should be enough. The beauty of an affordable SIm is that you can always get a little extra for only a little extra.

Using your Multi SIM

EE are one of many UK mobile networks to give customers a "multi SIM" when they purchase a SIM contract. The multi SIM is the perfect way to make sure your SIM card will fit ANY phone.

It's simple, just check what size SIM your current phone needs and then pop out the right size from the multi SIM - Either Standard, Micro or Nano.