Why Get A SIM Only Deal?

Is SIM Only The Way Forward For You?

You may have noticed recently a massive push by networks to move customers to SIM only contracts on their network. This works out well for the networks since they don't have to pay for expensive phones but the same is also true for customers.

With networks switching customers to SIM only it's now a great time to make the most of the cheaper offers available to new customers. No matter what level of monthly data or minutes you're looking for there's a SIM out there to suit you - It's now just a case of finding the right one.

Now's the time to get a cheap SIM only deal

How Does SimSave.co.uk Help?

There a A LOT of SIM deals out there on the market. It can be difficult to fight through the noise, and with adverts popping up everywhere it can be information overload!

At SimSave.co.uk we like to think we've made it as easy as possible. No matter what your credit score or what you need from a SIM contract we have something for everyone. Customers can browse our SIM deals all at once OR use our handy "SIM Finder" to select the amount of monthly data they want, see the price immediately and go ahead and purchase the SIM.

Use our handy "SIM Finder" to quickly choose your data and go!

A large number of our customers come to SimSave.co.uk because they're worried about their credit rating when applying for a contract - either because they're unsure or they may have been rejected for a mobile phone contract in the past. With SIM Contracts that's a lot less of a worry because the credit checks for a SIM a much less restrictive. In fact, 100% of our SIM customers are accepted for the SIM Contract they want.